New toys

My new toy

My new toy

I got a food processor for Christmas (which makes me feel very old), and I’m really excited about all the fun new things I can do with it.  I’ve never used a food processor before (my parents never had one), so I’m a total novice and open to any suggestions.  So far I’ve grated pounds of cheese for macaroni and cheese (I’m still on the comfort food kick, though mac & cheese with ridiculous cookies for dessert was probably taking that theme a step too far). 

I also made my own hummus the other day.  It’s something I eat every day, but the supermarket version here doesn’t have enough garlic (amongst other problems).  My first attempt at homemade was a success, and in addition to tasting better, I think it works out cheaper in the end to make my own instead of buying it.

The thing I’m most looking forward to making is carrot cake.  I LOVE carrot cake, but grating enough carrots is far too much like hard work, so I’ve only done it once in the last few years.  I look forward to baking that special treat much more often in the future.

– Anna


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