More staples

He didn’t do it in comments, but Mark Bittman took up Anna’s call this week to write about stocking a kitchen. One post here on cheezcloth and the Times springs into action!

My pantry pales in comparison to Anna’s, it must be said. There’s an array of oils, vinegars and mustards, but otherwise it’s pretty haphazard. I tend to get obsessed with an ingredient or two, buy it in large quantities and then move on when it’s done. (Case in point: Barley. I made this five times in 3 weeks.) But I do leave the house every day so picking up an ingredient or two isn’t a hassle. More importantly, Jesse is in charge of forgotten provisions – and I think that’s the big difference.

The only food item I always have at all times is frozen peas. I add them to half the things I cook, and seem to need them as an ice pack for one reason or another at least once a week.



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