What’s in your kitchen?

Some of my must-haves

Some of my must-haves

My recent adventure in my sister’s kitchen got me musing about staples…how much overlap is there between what different people consider necessities?  I’m sure there are things that are must-haves in my kitchen that other people wouldn’t even think to include in theirs, and vice versa.  I also try to keep as many non-perishables as my cupboards can hold, mainly because the mere thought of walking three blocks to the supermarket for a missing ingredient is often usually enough to make it a bread-and-cheese night.

My (probably incomplete) list is after the jump…feel free to contribute your thoughts in the comments.

For cooking (in no particular order)

Oil – olive, vegetable, sesame,  and peanut

Vinegar – malt, white wine, cider, rice wine, balsamic and sherry

Mustard – Dijon, yellow (French’s), wholegrain


Worcestershire sauce

Fish sauce (nam pla)

Soy sauce

Peanut butter

Goose fat


Maple syrup


Mayonnaise (I hate the stuff, but even so, I still cook with it occasionally)

Chick peas


Canned black beans

Refried beans

Rice – arborio, Basmati, and wild



Dried beans and lentils


Canned tomatoes



And for baking:

Flour – plain, self-raising, wholemeal

Sugar – granulated, caster, icing, dark brown, light brown

Good quality baking chocolate (+70% cocoa solids)

Baking powder

Baking soda

Cocoa powder

Vanilla extract

Black treacle (molasses)

Golden sugar (corn syrup)

Nuts and dried fruit


– Anna


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