A few of us cooked dinner at my sister’s house yesterday, which was a challenge on many levels.  For a start, too many cooks, etc.  Secondly, when I proposed a stir-fry, a German friend didn’t even know what I meant…and my explanation was less than articulate.  Thirdly, my sister’s cupboards, whilst not quite bare, are also not overflowing with options.

We had the ingredients for the stir-fry: chicken breasts, button mushrooms, onions and mangetout (snowpeas, for you Americans out there).  But we lacked a sauce, and had to improvise from a kitchen stocked mainly by a Portuguese cook.  In the end, we rustled up a pretty decent peanut sauce using honey, cider vinegar, white wine, ground ginger, seasoning and chunky peanut butter.   I wouldn’t do exactly the same thing again, but with modifications it could work very well.

– Anna

One response to “Improvising

  1. If you do come across a good peanut sauce recipe, I’d love to hear it. It’s one of those things I can never quite manage!

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