Adventures in stuffing

Isn't she pretty?

Isn't she pretty?

Yes, I’m terrible at this food photography thing, but the roast chicken just came out too nice not to try.

But I’m really here today to talk stuffing. Three Thanksgivings ago I stumbled on the greatest stuffing recipe of all time. It was so good I’ve never been allowed to try anything else.

But I branched out on Thursday and stuffed the chicken with something completely different – couscous with oregano and feta. And because I’d slathered the chicken with a bunch of garlic and the juice of two lemons, the stuffing was also nice and lemon garlicky.

The stuffing was a breeze to throw together: I combined 150 grams of couscous with 1 tablespoon olive oil, a few stalks worth of oregano, roughly smashed/chopped, 150 grams of feta, crumbled, 2 roasted peppers chopped and a wine glass worth of warm water. Mix it all up and stuff it in the chicken, plugging up each opening of the bird with a juiced half a lemon.

I was a bit worried the couscous would turn to mush, but I think only using a bit of warm water allowed it to keep its shape.

Simple and delicious, despite the complete absence of pork products.


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