(North)American food fun

So, I’ve been back from London for a week, mostly up in Fernie, British Columbia. And I’ve been getting very excited about things that are hard to come by in the UK. Embarrassingly, this means mainly meat products and Triscuits.

Bacon….yum! Despite Americans calling big chunky pieces of bacon “Canadian bacon”, the bacon we enjoyed in BC was the crispy American kind. Particularly good was a maple-smoked flavour. We also ate vast quantities of beef jerky…both the packaged kind from the supermarket and some more interesting stuff from Fernie’s local butcher. One of these was coated in a thick layer of spicy chili seeds…not for the faint-hearted or those with chapped lips from the -40 degree weather.

We also must have shared at least one plate of nachos every day. There are a couple of places in London that make vaguely passable nachos, but they too often seem to be served with chips in tiny little pieces from the bottom of the bag or with cheese that’s not sufficiently melted (come on, how hard is it to make sure all of the cheese is melted?). Not to mention the lack of toppings. Everywhere in Fernie delivered huge plates of nachos with beef, jalapenos, peppers, olives and lovely melty cheese. Plus guac and sour cream. Perfect for sharing with a few pitchers of beer after an afternoon on the slopes.



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