Bacon part two

Last night’s dinner was, I think, the most unhealthy thing I cook. And that’s saying a lot for a girl who can go weeks without eating a vegetable. But man is it worth the shortened life expectancy.

So, to use up the bacon left over from the lentil salad, I give you risotto with blue cheese and pancetta.

For two, though it doubles easily:

Finely chop 1 small onion and saute in a pot with a hunk of butter and 100 grams of cubed pancetta. While that’s going, heat up 4 cups of stock or water (you may not use it all). When the onion has started to turn golden and the pancetta is cooked, turn the fire down to medium and add in 1 cup of arborio rice and stir for about a minute. Add a ladel or two of stock to the rice – enough to cover it – and cook, stirring occasionally.* When the liquid has been mostly absorbed, add in some more. Continue until rice is cooked.  (If you happen to be drinking white wine while cooking – and why not? – throw in a glass while the rice is cooking.)

When the rice is cooked to your liking, stir in a good amount of crumbled blue cheese. Stir through until the cheese has melted, and serve. Oh my lord it’s good. I wish I could take credit for the deliciousness, but frankly it’s hard to go wrong when you throw such a gorgeous array of fats in a pan.

It would have to be a bit drier, perhaps with less cheese, but I’m thinking we should add this to experimental deep fried night. Pancetta and blue cheese arancini?

*I know everyone has their own theory about adding liquid when cooking risotto. You can certainly do it in two or three bigger lots, but I prefer doing it in smaller bits because then I don’t have to measure anything. I don’t like measuring.


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