Throwing things together…

so my fridge has been filled with turkey day leftovers for days…I overcooked for our 19 guests, realizing that night I could feed 50 people with all that has been prepared. Oh well. Next time I will get it right. and I guess leftovers aren’t soo bad..

Arriving home last night in a bit of a panic wondering just what besides turkey, stuffing and eggs could be in my fridge and with a graving for something light, with my detox mentality in mind – my latest intent – (and the hot water thing is true!) …. I was actually able to throw together a delicious delight.

Start heating a pot of water to cook portion of Udon Noodles (I look for ones that have low sodium). In a saucepan with olive and sesame oil cook chopped carrots, cauliflower, and red cabbage (proportions to your own liking). Don´t overcook as crunchy carrots are the best. In separate pan heat up some white beans (I usually buy ones that are in jars so you always need to add some water). Once beans are heated add to veggie mix and add fresh parsley and fresh ground black pepper.

Rinse cooked Udon Noodles with a dash of cold water. Add a bit of sesame oil, sesame seeds, and flax seeds for extra texture and goodness. You can either combine noddles with veggies or keep as separate. I prefer to keep them separate. I know. A bit on the healthy side. But good to keep some of these ones in the mix.


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