Food fail – braised potatoes

Like Anna, I’m a big supporter of cooking with alcohol. Beer-braised brisket and Beer batter bread are two recipes that seem to work no matter what beer I use. I mean I’ve never tried Corona, but just about any flavourful beer does the trick.

So last night I tried my hand at beer-braised potatoes.

I sautéed peeled fingerling potatoes in hot oil, salt and pepper for 10 minutes, adding a chopped onion towards the end of the cooking time. Then I poured a bottle of Breakspear ale into the pot, just covering the potatoes. Brought it to a boil, then let it simmer for about 30 minutes, til the tates were done. Finally, I stirred in some grated cheddar tossed with a tablespoon of corn starch, and a spoonful or two of horseradish, cooking just til the cheese melted.

It looked great, in a dark, creamy it’s-36-degrees-out warm-you-from-the-inside kind of way. But it was way too bitter, and I could only have a couple bites. Jesse loved it, and finished both bowls, so maybe it’s just me. But I’m thinking next time maybe an ale/lager split. Or a porter?


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